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Gathering 8 Theatre Academies from 8 different countries, the Platform European Theatre Academies (PLETA) forms a strong “community of practice” aware of the latest evolutions in the sector and aware of the fact that theatre education is in principal aiming at the existing national practice. The partners in PLETA want to explore via co-productions new ways to give young professionals a broader European orientation. PLETA aims to make better use of the high-quality artistic production of the different trends in theatre practice across Europe. PLETA is supported by the Creative Europe program from the European Union.

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President PLETA
Leo Swinkels

Theatre Academy Maastricht, Zuyd University

The Platform of European Theatre Academies (PLETA) is
a platform of international and intercultural co-creation.
Nine theatre academies participate in this platform to create
new experiences in actually working together as young theatre
professionals in Europe.
Every theatre academy has his own position and character
in connection with the tradition and actual context of the
professional theatre, film and connected disciplines in
each country. That is of course a world or those are various
worlds to discover for the young theatre professional.
But above that, the connection of those traditions and
new developments creates an atmosphere of research
and innovation that goes beyond national boundaries.
In that way the PLETA facilitates young theatre professionals
to reach out to their international colleagues and to find out
what theatre language and theatre practice suits them for a
career in theatre, both in Europe as in the national context.

So I do wish students, teachers, researchers and theatre
professionals will use the opportunities PLETA gives to
develop and find out their way in the most European of
all art forms: theatre!

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