Boot camp, Helsinki

The surrounding nature, Anton Chekhov’s four plays, as well as music will form the basis for the work’s inspiration. The other inspirer is a experienced musician; therefore, the young professionals are required to have some musical skills. Having an international group working together in a tranquil environment, without any electrical disturbances, and crossing the language barriers, makes it possible to delve into the basics of acting and to mix different working methods. Cooperation that crosses cultural boundaries creates new kinds of artistic thinking and working methods. During the course, students will make a work-in-progress demonstration, which will be performed to a local audience in Lapland. After that, in Helsinki, an open demonstration at the Theatre Academy, partner organizations, and other audience.


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Workshop by Mentoring Artist Director Kristian Smeds will have a two-week site specific workshop in Finnish Lapland for 10 acting students around Europe
Theme: what is conceptually theatre’s free space in modern society and in Europe
Dramaturgical concept by Kristian Smeds
Partners: all 8 partners are participating (Total 10 persons)


each partner selects his own participant(s) End of July beginning August 2016

  • Day 1 – Arrival to Helsinki, accommodation (students)
  • Day 2 – Kick off in Theatre Academy Helsinki (Smeds and participants)
  • Day 3 – Travelling to Lapland by train (Kristian Smeds & co, participants)
  • Day 4-12 (10 days) – Workshop in Lapland, last day open demo (Kristian Smeds & co, students, general public)
  • Day 13 – Return to Helsinki by plane (Kristian Smeds & co, participants)
  • Day 14 – Open demo in Theatre Academy Helsinki +  closing event (Kristian Smeds & co, participants, general public, all partners and working life representatives)
  • Day 15 – Partner meeting and evaluation of the workshop and learning outcome (all partners and working life representatives)
    –The workshop period will be documented
    –Performances: Local audience in Lapland, Helsinki

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