Every year a conference will be held in October/November usually in combination with presentations of co-production(s). These conferences are to reflect on the aims of our research agenda.

The PLETA research agenda is made up to investigate and develop experiences and tacit-knowledge about three general subjects that are underlying all the activities and coproductions in the PLETA-project 2016-2018:

  1. The development of intercultural skills for Young theatre professionals in Europe.
  2. The innovation of dramatic skills for Young theatre professionals in Europe with special focus
    a. Multilingualism
    b. Cross-over beween theatre&technology such as new media bridging between national
    tradition&heritage in theatre and international post-Dramatic performance-theatre.
  3. International employability for Young theatre professionals in Europe.
    a. Strengthening international employability depends on the one hand on the results from the                  subjects A & B mentioned above.
    b. On the other hand building international networks both physical as virtual will be important
    for the Young theatre-professional.
Together with our network of European Festivals, such as ITS-Amsterdam and ITseLF-Warsaw, PLETA can also contribute to the development of new (young) audiences in Europe.

Research & Conferences

PLETA will address the research agenda at the annual conferences of the project.

Results from the activities and coproductions will be presented and reflected at these conferences, supported by the researchers that are already connected with the participating academies such as the research program “Art &Technology” at the Maastricht Academy concerning subject B. The lector-researcher ,Peter Missotten, is also one of the teachers/coaches of the intermediality project that is part of the PLETA project.

During these conferences we will discuss and develop our insights about these subjects resulting in a final report as a result of the last (closing) conference in August 2018. The report aims to present first conclusions and recommendations as well as best practices we worked out during the project. No need to say that two year is a short period of time for such a project. So we can not expect to present final results on all the research subjects in detail.

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