Interdisciplinarity & Intermediality, Maastricht


Interdisciplinarity & Intermediality, Maastricht

Der Untergang der Titanic of Hans Magnus Enzensberger is the inspiration for an intermedial project between Feb. – July 2017 International Interaction

Content: Interdisciplinary & intermedial collaboration develops when disciplines and instruments strengthen each other to tackle an issue which requires a broader perspective than each discipline can encompass on its own. The mutual influencing and integration of the disciplines is decisive for the nature of the issue, the method and the result. The resulting insights transcend the boundaries of the artist’s ‘own’ discipline. In the artistic end product, the disciplines have blended and are hard to distinguish. The interaction is visible in the process of reflection and creation.

Theme: human elation (hybris) leads to great deeds but also to his destruction

Dramaturgical concept: Woody Richardson Laurens, Peter Missotten
Artistic coordination: Woody Richardson Laurens, Peter Missotten
Partners: 8 partners (12 participants)


May – July 2017

The project discriminates 4 working stadia and will take place within 7 weeks:

  • Artistic research (first week)
  • Lectures
  • Technology Driven Art, what’s not, what’s hot.
  • Introduction to the history, dramaturgy and perspectives Hans Magnus Enzensbergers Der Untergang der Titanic
  • Workshops First technical steps: skills for camera’s, beamers, & specific software
  • Concept & Scenario (second)
  • Working in smaller groups to develop first theoretical concept and/or scenario’s. Articulating the artistic aims of the concept.
  • Creation & Presentation (third till seventh )
  • Theory becomes practice: Further development on the working floor and  implementation of desired audio and visual means. Creation of a presentation
  • Evaluation  (in the seventh)
  • Checking balances. How did intermediality influence your process and product? What would/could you do differently next time?

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