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Gathering 8 Theatre Academies from 8 different countries, the Platform European Theatre Academies (PLETA) forms a strong “community of practice” aware of the latest evolutions in the sector and aware of the fact that theatre education is in principal aiming at the existing national practice. The partners in PLETA want to explore via coproductions new ways to give young professionals a broader European orientation. PLETA aims to make better use of the high-quality artistic production of the different trends in theatre practice across Europe.


The aim of the project is to develop professional opportunities and artistic co-productions exploring the ways diverse theatre traditions can effectively converse and contribute to quality artistic diversity and creativity in Europe. The objective of the PLETA is therefore also to create a new artistic value out of the interaction between various theatre traditions and specialties.

Additionally this will tackle the issue of internationalisation of the theatre practice and contribute in a very practical way (“learning by doing” approach) to capacity building in the CCS for professionals to work at European level. Working upstream with students to be mobile Europe-wide will allow them to enter more easily the job market as theatre professionals.

The PLETA also addresses a more psychological barrier that is the fear that in a language-based art as theatre, multilingualism would lead to poor expression and difficulties of understanding between artists and between the performing actors and the audiences.

Strong European Dimension

Theatre Academies have their own traditions and field of predilection, there are ways to be explored as regards what they could bring to each other in terms of exchanging knowledge and innovative experiences (TechnoLab for example). From its geographical scope (9 countries), the project makes the most of European cultural and linguistic diversity as different traditions strengthen each other. Young theatre professionals will get the opportunity to learn from other countries’ theatre culture and enrich their own practice and artistic approach.

The project will encourage mutual understanding beyond language, overcoming language barriers through other forms of communication. Experience from previous international co-productions indeed shows that body language is as important as language on stage and can drive successful cooperation.



Maastricht, The Netherlands –
Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Brussels, Belgium –
RICTS, Erasmushogeschool Brussel

Helsinki, Finland –
Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts in Helsinki (TeaK)

München, Germany –
Bayerische Theaterakademie August Everding im Prinzregententhe

Oslo, Norway –

Riga, Latvia –
Latvijas Kulturas Akademija

Salzburg, Austria –
Universität Mozarteum Salzburg

Warsaw, Poland –

Jeroen Willems Academie

The Jeroen Willems Academy is the name that the Maastricht Academy of Theatre uses for her role in the PLETA.

Through the Jeroen Willems Academy, a student from Maastricht can use the possibilities that the PLETA offers to study theatre in an international context in Europe in the different projects the PLETA offers.

The name Jeroen Willems Academy is a tribute to one of the most famous graduates of the Maastricht Acacemy of Theatre, Jeroen Willems (1962-2012), the actor who unfortunately passed away too early and who was one of the first actors who was able to build up an impressive career in Europe. This makes Jeroen Willems a role model for many young actors and theatre makers who study at the Maastricht Academy of Theatre and who are orientating themselves in the international and intercultural collaboration possibilities in Europe.

The opening of the Jeroen Willems Academy also marks the official start of the PLETA-project in Maastricht. In June 2016, the first results of this European collaboration will be presented at the ITS Festival in Amsterdam; a version of the Odyssee in 8 episodes by the 8 participating theatre academies, based on the old story of Homerus and modernised by making a connection with the problems concerning the refugees in Europe.



The PLETA project includes several coproductions with different partners,
workshops and masterclasses and an evaluation conference each year.

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