Object theatre/puppetry, Riga/Warsaw

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Object theatre/puppetry, Riga/Warsaw

Animation and drama tasks with an object – two weeks puppetry workshop in September 13-26, 2017. Subject: relations between actors and objects.

Practical classes which serve as an introduction to the art of puppetry, aimed at learning about oneself, one’s own sensitivity, stimulating the imagination of the student. The classes gradually lead from spontaneity towards conscious action, from the magic being at the foundations of animism (the “magic” life of an inanimate object) towards a conscious and targeted creation, in consequence – from being on the stage towards stage acting. The objective is achieved by means of a series of individual and group etudes prepared and performed during classes.


Lecturer: Prof. Wiesław Czołpiński – vice rector National Theater Academy in Warsaw and professor of The Puppetry Art Department in Bialystok, actor-puppeteer and director experienced in all forms of modern puppetry.
Participants: 6 academies / 24 persons – group of Latvian puppetry students (17) and 7 foreign students




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