Ruhrtriennale (2)


Ruhrtriennale (2)

Students from all 8 partners from PLETA have participated in the ‘Campustriennale College’ in September 2017. The festival becomes a place to meet for students of universities, theatre institutes and art schools in Germany and Europe. They take part in seminars and workshops, attend Ruhrtriennale productions and meet artists and facilitators for background discussions. They discuss, celebrate and discover the Ruhr region and exchange their own views about theatre, art and music. Dialogue about aesthetic, cultural and political issues is central. Diverse disciplines come together, different generations, nationalities, cultures and ideas. With this programme the Ruhrtriennale seeks to foster interdisciplinary exchange between prospective artists, academics and theatremakers and to contribute to the emergence of an international network of emerging artists.

Theme: Utopia/Future
Dramaturgical concept: Vasco Boenisch (Ruhrtriennale)
Artistic coordination: Vasco Boenisch/Johan Simons
Partners: 7 academies


  • The young professional can develop their own pieces and present them and themselves at a major European arts festival.

  • They will experience collaboration in a production process with other European professionals with different languages.

  • Special attention: the development of new audiences for new European developments in theatre


Photo: (c) TeamHouse Agency

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