08-2017 Ruhrtriennale (2)

John Cage: Europeras 1+2 in der Jahrhunderthalle Bochum im Rahmen der Ruhrtriennale 2012

Ruhrtriennale (2)

The Masterclass enables 3 groups of young artists to realise their own creative visions as part of the Ruhrtriennale festival. The groups are chosen amongst appliers from all over the world. It is the aim of the Ruhrtriennale to select at least 1 group from former Campustriennale College participants. So there is a good chance that students of Pl.ETA are the ones who take part in the Masterclass programme. They will develop performances inspired by this year’s festival theme supported by the dramaturgy team of the Ruhrtriennale of Johan Simons, in collaboration and as coproduction with local theatres in the Region.
Results are presented in two long evenings of theatre 2017 in a series of cities across the Ruhr region.

Theme: Utopia/Future
Dramaturgical concept: Vasco Boenisch (Ruhrtriennale)
Artistic coordination: Vasco Boenisch/Johan Simons
Hotel: Ruhrtriennale
Performances: Stadttheater Ruhr area
Rehearsals: same theatres
Performances: Stadttheater Ruhr area
–Rehearsals: same theatres


  • The young professional can develop their own pieces and present them and themselves at a major European arts festival.

  • They will experience collaboration in a production process with other European professionals with different languages.

  • Special attention: the development of new audiences for new European developments in theatre



  • February 2017: theme and application forms are published

  • April 2017: deadline for applications

  • May 2017: jury decides on the 3 invited groups

  • August/September: 3 groups arrive at the Ruhrtriennale, reherasals start

  • 3 weeks later: premiere night


Photo: (c) Wonge Bergmann für die Ruhrtriennale 2012

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