John Cage: Europeras 1+2 in der Jahrhunderthalle Bochum im Rahmen der Ruhrtriennale 2012


The meeting of tomorrow’s talented artists in the Campustriënnale. The College is a way for 50 students of Pl.ETA to experience the Ruhrtriennale up close: by attending performances, artists’ discussions, seminars and discussions over a period of 5 days.

Participants are encouraged to apply, among others, for taking part in 2017 in a masterclass which enables groups of young artists to realise their own creative visions as part of the festival.

Dramaturgical concept: Vasco Boenisch (Ruhrtriennale)
Artistic coordination: Vasco Boenisch
Partners: all 8 partners are participating (Total 50 persons)
Teachers: three teachers from partner academies as workshop leaders are required


  • The young professional will be encouraged to discover at the Campustriënnale new generations of European theatre makers and artists.
  • Special attention: the development of new audiences for site specific theatre, a speciality of the Ruhrtriennale.


  • March/April 2016: College schedule is made
  • March/April 2016: partner academies chose the three workshop leaders and their topics
  • June/July 2016: each academy selects his own participants
  • August/September 2016: 5 days at the Ruhrtriennale
  • Hotel: Ruhrtriennale
  • Location: Performances: Industrial halls 
  • Workshops: Bochum

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