Summer school, Riga


Summer school on site-specific theatre “Freedom Street”, Riga

To celebrate the 100th birthday of Independence of Latvia the Summer School will gather students from 8 academies and different disciplines (dramaturgy, directing, acting, choreography etc.) for the intense period of workshops and creating of site-specific performances on different locations of Cesis city. The overall theme suggested for productions – “Freedom Street” – concerns the comprehension of the national histories in the globalized world taking as a metaphor the fact that the name of the main street of every major city has been changed in different historical contexts. How do we call our Main Street nowadays? During 12 days 6 workshops will take place and 6 performances will be produced.

Theme: The concept is the imagination of History. “Freedom Street” – how do we comprehend the national histories in the globalized world? How do we call our Main Street nowadays – directly and metaphorically?

Workshops: by professors of Theatre Academies will focus on theoretical and practical aspects feeding the work on site-specific performances: dramaturgy, movement and choreography, scenography and space etc. Workshops will take place 8 days on the first half of the day.
Productions: – 9 site-specific productions by mixed teams of students will be presented in the end of the workshop in different locations in Cesis in collaboration with Cesis Art Festival. Rehearsals for productions will take place in the second half of the day and during the last few days – full day.
Dramaturgical concept: by Peteris Krilovs
Partners: all 8 partners will participate

In the pleta_summer_school_catalogue you will find the programme of Freedom Street summer school project.

A review of Freedom Street can be read here

Photos taken by Kristina Homenko.


  • Exchange of different practices and methods (via workshops run by mentors from different academies)
  • Production of several site-specific performances with international teams by students


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