Winterschool RITCS, Brussels


Winterschool RITCS Brussels

RITCS Winter School is an intensive Masterclass with a special focus on interdisciplinary research for artists. During a two-week Masterclass young professionals are given the opportunity to work together under the supervision of renown international artists having both an elaborate research practice and well a developed methodology. The workshops are concluded by a public presentation of the results, whatever their nature may be (the aim is not to produce finalized products).

the intimate tension between art and rhetoric
– the impossible imagination of our future.

Four parallel workshops
Dramaturgical concept Karel Vanhaesebrouck
Artistic coordination: Karel Vanhaesebrouck
Partners: all 8 partners are participating (Total 10 persons in 4 groups + 50 of the RITCS)
A motivation of the participants is highly appreciated


  • after Christmas holydays 4 – 22 January 2017
    The Winter School is preceded by a three-day seminar of lectures, screening and artist meetings.


– to defy young professionals of different art programs to leave their personal comfort zone, to discover possibilities beyond one’s own craft and to take pleasure in hand-on interdisciplinary research.
– to learn from experienced artistic researchers sq. artist with an outspoken interdisciplinary profiles
– to get acquainted with existing artistic research methods and to exchange methods
– to learn from each other
–to apply these newly discovered methods to concrete, personal projects.

foto door Marc Vandermeulen

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